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About Fovereè

Lifestyle Nutritional Wellness Consultant

Fovereè is the first step in your journey to the dream life. Fovereè is the stepping stool to get you into your ideal state of mind, body and spirit. It is the wellness and lifestyle platform designed to change your life- for the better- and make you question how you ever lived differently. 

Fovereè in latin means cozy. And what’s cozier than a healthy body, a calm mind and a centred soul?

Through many failed attempts, and some surprisingly successful ones, of putting together my ideal life; perfect schedule, good diet, exercise and wellbeing and mental stability, I have realised one thing. There is no starting line.

Who is Fovereè to you

Fovereè is that nerdy friend (who is secretly a diva) that loves you. Whether your the type to eat your feelings (guilty as charged) or ignore them altogether (dream job!!!), we are the support system you can always fall back on. Think of us as the safety net, and feel free to fly as high as you want.

Who are you to Fovereè

You are our soul, every single one of you. And with every new member, our soul grows. You may be a single mother, a gym rat or someone struggling to accept and love yourself. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Fovereè is here to support all.

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