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All You Need To Know About The Luxurious Fovereè

Fovereè is the first step in your journey to the dream life. Fovereè is the stepping stool to get you into your ideal state of mind, body and spirit. It is the wellness and lifestyle platform designed to change your life- for the better- and make you question how you ever lived differently.

Fovereè in latin means cozy. And what’s cozier than a healthy body, a calm mind and a centred soul?

To help you feel comfortable and proud of the way you live, to help you achieve the not so impossible ideal life is what we are all about.

Fovereè is designed to nourish your mind, curate your lifestyle and elevate you to your best self. We are the seasoning on top, the rainbow in the rain, the extra flourish that your life needs.

Why I started Fovereè

Through many failed attempts, and some surprisingly successful ones, of putting together my ideal life; perfect schedule, good diet, exercise and wellbeing and mental stability, I have realised one thing. There is no starting line.

There are no tutorials to tell you how to pick yourself after a long year. No beginners guide to living the best life. This is because many never achieve it, and those that do gatekeeper it.

I won’t claim to have the perfect life; that would be a lie

because my perfect and your perfect are not the same. I can, however, offer to share all that I have learned in my journey to betterment.

To climb the mountain I am on today, I have fallen many times. At my worst, I jumped from book to book, website to website, searching for someone to answer the questions in my mind.

But after a while, it finally occurred to me that while the world is an open book, the contents page is missing and we are stumbling through life without the faintest idea what the next chapter holds for us.

Well, we hope to be that guide. Buckle in because this a rough ride, but we promise, the destination is heavenly.

Who is Fovereè to you

Fovereè is that nerdy friend (who is secretly a diva) that loves you. Whether your the type to eat your feelings (guilty as charged) or ignore them altogether (dream job!!!), we are the support system you can always fall back on. Think of us as the safety net, and feel free to fly as high as you want.

Our goal is not to take away the sweeter things in life, in fact we steer clear of extremism all together. Taking on an extreme diet, breaking it and feeling guilty after overeating is a major reason why people feel this doesn’t work for them. But with us, you will cherish the smaller things in life with jist a little more control.

Like drawing a line with a ruler; same destination, clearer path.

Who are you to Fovereè

You are our soul, every single one of you. And with every new member, our soul grows. You may be a single mother, a gym rat or someone struggling to accept and love yourself. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Fovereè is here to support all.

Whether it’s planning a healthy regime, hacks to make your day easier or personal relationship advice, we are the butter to help your life go as smoothly as possible.

Here, there will be no judgement. We are an open and healthy environment that encourages growth, healthy mindsets and self love.

Let us know in the comment below who else are excited to be a part of Fovereè?

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